Boost Your iPhone 5 WiFi Signal Using Linkase

There are quite a lot of iPhone problems existing nowadays and fortunately, several companies design types along with a particular, exclusive feature, make it easier for customers to choose. Absolute Technologies have done exactly that using the Linkase for that apple iphone 5 Wifi.
The Linkase is produced with rugged polycarbonate, shock-absorbent rubber, and also non-slip leather to safeguard your current iPhone. That has every single point cautiously tested and evaluated, Linkase wraps around your device flawlessly while keeping sleek and elegant. Precisely what places the Linkase different from rival cases is definitely the built-in EMW component. No matter if you’re at your home, in a cafe or even at the airport, you are able to boost your WiFi signals just by sliding out the EMW component within your Linkase.
iPhone 5 WiFi Signal Using Linkase

EMW (electro magnetic waveguide) is the newest signal-enhancing technology built-into the sliding system of the Linkase. It will resonate with your mobile device’s antenna to deliver certainly boosted signal performance. Exactly how much enhancement can you really get? Absolute Technology offers a chart depending on circumstances within the apartment.
The EMW component reveals by far the most enhancement to wifi signal durability the farther away from the router you are. It doesn’t just present you with a stronger WiFi connection, the upload and also download rates of speed observe a considerable improvement.
The Linkase is available in coal black, Antarctic blue, ash gray, chili red, frost white, and ash gray. You can also make your own color mixtures using the compatible EMW elements. Both cases posseses an extra color get started on your assortment.
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