How to Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Problem

The Galaxy S3 is currently one of the most popular handset, unfortunately lots of the Galaxy S3 clients have experienced WiFi issues within their handsets. In this post we will guide you how to fix Galaxy S3 Wifi problem with easy step.
Galaxy s3 wifi problem
Before we go to the process make sure that you galaxy s3 is rooted.

How to Fix Galaxy S3 Wifi Problem

  1. Download Standalone-file.zip package and then extract it
  2. Download ES File Explorer here
  3. Now connect your Phone into your PC via USB Cable
  4. Copy the download files to SD card.
  5. Disconnect your device from your PC.
  6. Open ES File Explorer on your device.
  7. Press Menu and navigate to Settings –>  Root Settings.
  8. Check all the options and return to app main screen.
  9. Copy wpa_supplicant file
  10. Navigate to /system/bin/ folder and paste it there.
  11. Reboot your device.
Done..! and thats all, and now your Galaxy S3 WiFi Problem is fixed.

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