10 Tips – How to Save Your iPhone 4s Battery Life

iPhone 4s is interactive smartphone with exciting features, therefore, the iPhone battery drained faster. It can interfere with your activities if you use your iPhone for business, and also disrupt your communications  with your important clients.
How to Save iPhone Battery Life

If The iPhone became one of the most important things in your daily activities, then you need to know a few tips to keep your iPhone battery last longer.
  • Dim Screen Brightness - Do you know if your iphone dim the brightness to below half a bar you can conserve your battery significantly. You can change it in Settings> Brightness.
  • WiFi OFF – If you are not using WiFi just turn it off.
  • Turn off 3G functionality – If you are in an area without 3G coverage, turn off your iPhone 3G function will save your iPhone battery.
  • Set Auto-Lock to 1 minute – Settings> General> Auto-lock.
  • Turn off Setting ‘Fetch’ and ‘Push‘ - If you do not require facilities Push Mail, Push Set to “Manual”. This will save battery life, if you do not frequently use the email facility on your iPhone. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data, turn off Push, and set Fetch to the longest interval you can tolerate (manual is best).
  • Turn off “Location Services” – Some applications may require the use of Location Services, but if you do not need it, just turn it off.
  • Disabling Bluetooth – Settings> General> Bluetooth> Off.
  • Turn off the music equalizer (EQ​​) – While this can improve the quality of your music, it also reduces your iPhone battery. If you do not require EQ, turn it off.
  • Use your iPhone until the battery is completely discharged and then fully charge your battery – Apple recommend this to be done at least once every month.
  • Use Airplane mode – When in areas with no signal, turn on Airplane mode to conserve battery life. Also when you do not need a phone to call and so on, switch it on.

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