10 Tips And Tricks For Your New iPhone

iPhone are well functioned for basic thing such as making phone calls, sending text msg, and checking emails. however there are a lot of tips and tricks to make tasks become easier.
if you got new iPhone then here are few tips and tricks for you to get started with.
1. How to Turn LTE off to extend battery life For iPhone 5
Start go to setting – general – and tap cellular. Another Option is a toggle “enable LTE”.
if you need to save some battery ,turn this option off

2. How to lock iPhone Screen Orientation
First, double tap “Home Button” and then swipe to the right, there is gray circle opposite the rewind button.
tap that one time and will appear a lock. when you turn your phone sideways the orientation will stay put.

3. How to set an aplhanumeric password
With this you can add an extra layer protection within your iPhone. To enable go to “setting” – tap general – navigate to the middle of the page and then select passcode lock.
next turn “Simple Passcode” off and you’ll be prompted to enter your alpha numeric password.

4. How to tweet a Picture directly from your camera roll
Go to your camera roll and choose a photo. in the bottom left hand corner you will see an arrow icon, then tap that and a menu will appear
next choose “twitter” in the middle row and a menu will appear with the picture attached in the top right corner.
and then type your tweet – send – and done.

5. How to set automatically download new apps direcly on your iPhone
First go to setting and then navigate to the middle of the page – Select “store” option, once appear the “automatic download” turn on the option for music,apps or both.

6. How to change font in iPhone Notes apps
Its really easy to do, go to settings – Notes – and then choose the font you like from three option.

7. How to change Phone’s name directly on your device
The iOS 5 introduced the ability to change your Phone’s name directly on the device
to to this go to settings – General – and then “About”
at the top of the page you will find your iPhone’s name – tap it and change the name to whatever you like

8. How to enable Private browsing For safari in you iPhone
To enable this option go to Settings – safari – and then switch Private Bworsing on

9. How to take a screenshot of your iPhone
Press and hold Sleep or wake button, then press Home button
Your screen will flashes and the picture will appears in your camera roll.

10. How to use Siri to set location-based reminders
As you know siri can be used to set a reminder. But you can also set a location-based reminders on your iPhone 4s
Say “Remind me to call mom when I leave here” or “Remind me to call mom when I get home” and you’ll get notification accordingly.

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