Destiny 2: The Solstice of Heroes is clarified before its beginning tonight

Starting tonight, Destiny 2 will be in "Solstice of Heroes" live until August 28th. The chance for players to participate in various activities and put their hands on new pieces of equipment.
Solstice of Heroes

The Solstice of Heroes is an event organized at the Tower that allows the inhabitants of the City to celebrate the Guardians. The opportunity to participate in some new activities and get a set of unusual armor "Scorched" with 240 of Power, which can be changed as we progress in the event. Each item of armor proposes mission to fulfill: once the missions are fulfilled, it is necessary to return to the Statue of the heroes to recover the set "Rekindled" to 340 of Power level, then rebelote until unlocking the sets "resplendent" with 400 of Power and "Centerpiece".
Solstice of Heroes
The Solstice of Heroes also allows you to replay certain missions of the main story, modified for the occasion with a difficulty revised upwards and new bosses. Finally, know that in addition to the Solstice Engrams that will appear, the last five Moments of Triumphs will be added.

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